Saturday, June 22, 2013

most of the time

... or heels or pajamas or naked or whatever. life is just better. in a way, better than it has been in a long time.

i'm really liking the way things are going, not always but most of the time. i'm healthy, my babies are healthy and i don't have much to b*tch about these days. i am content with that.
work is going well. i stay crazy busy, but my oil rig guys are good to me. the caterer only brings me in for the big jobs since i can only work weekends, so i get to be off this weekend. it's been nice to have the time to catch up on life just a bit.
it's been nice to have someone to kiss goodnight lately. he's been trying to get me off coffee and we all know that's probably not gonna happen. it's cute to listen to him try though. my favorite is when we slide down his wood floors in our socks.

so maybe life is better in socks...