Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so random: omg. wtf week!

i had a stellar weekend, but that's for another post.

the weirdest crap has been dropped in my lap this week. i've been experiencing 'wtf's all week and it's only wednesday. geeze...

random fact #1: remember ts? one of his friends who is now not his friend told me some info that totally floored me on monday. it's taken people a while to see the real him. shocker! right?
well, apparently it doesn't end at all the weirdness that he bestowed upon me.
he's got a kid! a daughter, that he doesn't own up to. not only that, but she's 18! an adult. wtf. a child that he denies. omg! if i had known that before... hindsight's 20/20, but still! omg!

random fact #2: i got unfriended on facebook for not agreeing with a friends specific religious views...
it bothered me at first but i'm not upset about it now, because a) it's facebook! i post what i want and police my own page. if someone puts up something offensive then i take it down. the things that i post are either silly or encouraging.
i want people to be happy and to feel loved, even if it's just for 2 seconds out of their busy day. and b) how ridiculous is it to delete someone over the fact that they don't believe the specific doctrine that you believe?? there are so many different denominations of christianity that you just can't agree with them all.
i look at life in a different way than most, but i always try and see things with love and hope. i guess her and i weren't as good of friends as i thought.

random fact #3: and the official WTF of the week...
bh bailed on visitation with the girl last night! wtf! he won't respond to text messages or calls. i finally got ahold of his manager at work, thinking that he may have done something stupid. like last year when he tried to commit suicide. but nope, he was on his way to work when his manager called him. can we say d*bag?!?!
so he wasted my time and gas money AND upset the girl for what?! for what?! why are you gonna bail on your kid?!? after all of the crap he has put us through... why?!
angry does not even begin to cover how i feel right now... my baby girl deserves better than this! period!

so that's where i'm at today.

deep breathes. deep. cleansing. breathes. in through the nose and out though the mouth... and again. ok, i'm not going to let this ruin my week d*mnit!!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

inner city blues

oooooh! idk how many of you know this, but i'm so into music. i know! surprise, right?

well, i came across this and can't stop listening to it. it's way HOT! hmm.. john mayer and marvin gaye... great combination!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

diving back in head first

i'm trying to get back into the swing of things here, but life keeps happening around me. i just want to tell life 'hey, can you hold on just a sec so i can get my head on straight'. but life, she's a funny thing, she just keeps on going. so here's to diving back in head first and hopefully not getting overwhelmed.

last week seemed to go by in a haze. (btw, jet lag sucks when you've got sh*t to do.) it seems like i wasn't even awake and coherent until friday. add caffeine to that and POOF! i turn into a goldfish.

friday was fun. i took the kidlets to a birthday party for rt's nephew. it took a min for them to warm up to everybody, but once the did, they had a blast. who doesn't love kids singing karaoke?? it was great!
of course we played trivial pursuit later that night too. and guess what?! I WON!! woot woot!! i love it when i win stuff! of course, i never win, so it was so much the sweeter :D

saturday was kind of a lazy day apart from the cleaning and insane amount of laundry that i got through. i still have so much more to do to truely be caught up.
saturday night i went to fr's show. i had so much fun. and i didn't drink too much. so yay for that!

hmm... sat down with fr again. we talked quite a bit about all sorts of things. positive things... i hope.

Monday, March 22, 2010

vegas baby!!

gorgeous sushi at shibuya inside the mgm grand. mmm... so good!

sorry it took me so long to post. i'm still trying to catch up IRL...

this has to be the craziest sh*t i've ever read as far as horoscopes go, esp considering the weekend i had in vegas:

weekly horoscope

For the Week of Mar 8th, 2010 --
Creating a fantasy experience can make Saturday a memorable day. Set aside whatever distractions you can to make the time and emotional space to open your heart and share love with an easygoing playmate. This isn't a time of commitment; it's an escape from daily life that's meant to heal wounds and inspire a newfound sense of innocence and hope.

i have to say that vegas was everything i hoped. my girlies were so much fun. my cousin(we'll call her vm) is hilarious and ws lost her mind, but we had way much fun!

thursday night i got there around midnight. i got the kidlets settled in with my mom and got the party started.

i'm not going to give the complete rundown here, because of course what happens in vegas...

BUT there was much alcohol. beautiful dinners. crazy clubs. great shopping. fun clothes. gambling at all hours... the list could go on and on.

the result is that i feel different/better about life. there is so much more to look forward to.

i made a few new friends while out there. vm had met someone in vegas more than a year ago and has been corresponding with him ever since. he met us out there with a couple of his friends. we all got along really well.
did i mention that my cousin's guy is from ireland. not just from there, but he actually lives there. i thought that was pretty d* cool that he thinks enough of vm to go all that way to spend a little time with her.
well, vm's guy invited her to go to ireland in the summer to visit. the coolest part is that she wants me to come with her.

OMG!! IRELAND!! i'm going to ireland! in the summer!!

i'm so freakin excited that i can't stand myself!

who?? me??

I. AM. GOLDFISH. today!

sorry, i know! i suck!

love you all!

will try to post later :D

Friday, March 19, 2010


um... i've finally had a good nights sleep and CAFFEINE, so yeah...

i can't sit still long enough to actually write today *grin*

sooooo... i promise i'll post, but i'm not sure when. i have 2 posts in the works, but the attention span of a goldfish today.


happy friday!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sunshine and gumdrops

sorry to leave ya hanging kids... i've been way under the weather.
last wednesday i stayed home from work, because i was all ugh. i went to see the doc on thursday and OF COURSE, had to get inhalers. grrr... to the tune of $135 after the insurance paid part of it. ugh, stupid body!
i totally lost my voice from this ubersexy cough, so it's not been all sunshine and gumdrops the last bunch of days :(

hahahahaha... haha... haha... ha (nervous laugh)

...and then there was this last weekend.*tilts head to one side*
h*, i don't know how to explain it all or if i even want to here. we'll just say that it included several text messages, phone calls and some late night conversation.

friday, was trivial pursuit night... so fun!
saturday was a girls' day! me and one of my girls went to lunch, went shopping and then had the most awesome pedicures EVER.
i NEED one of those massaging chairs in my living room stat!

saturday night i went to see fr's band play. it was the lead singers birthday and he's also a good friend. so i had to make an appearance, right?


today, i have thoroughly coughed my head off. but i'm still in a super awesome mood from the weekend *wink*
plus! i'm leaving for las vegas tomorrow afternoon!!! i'm so excited to see my mom and a couple of my west coast girlies :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

so random: i hate you, monday!

my weekend was kinda lame. and mondays just aren't for me...

random fact #1: i hate having to be the 'adult' in situations where there is alcohol involved.

random fact #2: i was going to go see alice in chains today with sd, but now i'm not. i realized that there are just too many implications. i just can't do it...

random fact #3: the brakes went out on my car yesterday. it sucked! the crazy thing is that i didn't freak out until i got home.

random fact #4: i'm really getting sick of these 2 day headaches!

random fact #5: i went to a party with my hiking group over the weekend. it was fun, but then it wasn't.

random fact #6: i've come to realize that i'm standing in my own damn way of being happy. or maybe just in my own damn way of being in a relationship. basically, i get scared and panic. and that just leads to me looking like a flake to these guys, when i'm really not. i'm a pretty steady kind of girl. at least i think i am.