Tuesday, March 23, 2010

diving back in head first

i'm trying to get back into the swing of things here, but life keeps happening around me. i just want to tell life 'hey, can you hold on just a sec so i can get my head on straight'. but life, she's a funny thing, she just keeps on going. so here's to diving back in head first and hopefully not getting overwhelmed.

last week seemed to go by in a haze. (btw, jet lag sucks when you've got sh*t to do.) it seems like i wasn't even awake and coherent until friday. add caffeine to that and POOF! i turn into a goldfish.

friday was fun. i took the kidlets to a birthday party for rt's nephew. it took a min for them to warm up to everybody, but once the did, they had a blast. who doesn't love kids singing karaoke?? it was great!
of course we played trivial pursuit later that night too. and guess what?! I WON!! woot woot!! i love it when i win stuff! of course, i never win, so it was so much the sweeter :D

saturday was kind of a lazy day apart from the cleaning and insane amount of laundry that i got through. i still have so much more to do to truely be caught up.
saturday night i went to fr's show. i had so much fun. and i didn't drink too much. so yay for that!

hmm... sat down with fr again. we talked quite a bit about all sorts of things. positive things... i hope.

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