Friday, August 28, 2009

well, that sucks!

i finally hear back from my doctor's office about my ex rays, and it turns out that my rib is fractured. it's my 9th rib on my right side.
i've got a busy weekend, as most of them are as of late, and i get to do it all with a fractured rib. wtf

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hope it's not a cracked rib?

for those of you that don't know yet, i was in a car accident on saturday afternoon. and 82yr old grandma turned left into the front of my car. i have a feeling that they are probably going to try and total my car. the damage is extensive. the frame of the car actually ripped, the drivers side headlight is gone, the battery was punctured and is now leaking something, and there are miscellaneous loose parts under the hood. i know that there is more wrong with it, but i'm not for sure what.
i spent hours on the phone yesterday with the lady's insurance company. she hadn't even reported the accident to them. so now i have a rental car, until the claims rep figures out what they are going to do with my car.
what's worse is that i have pain. a lot of pain in my right side in my rib area and bruising on my left side. i was just sore on sunday and monday, but yesterday i noticed that the pain kept getting worse as the day went on. it was so bad last night that i couldn't get comfortable unless i was upright and with my heating pad. i'm exhausted today.
i'll be leaving to go to a walk-in clinic shortly. wish me luck that i didn't crack a rib or something equally as bad...

update: just got back from the doctor's office. they are sending me for ex rays first thing tomorrow morning. she seemed to think that it's either cracked or broken.

Monday, August 24, 2009

be the bigger person

let me just say that i love my friends! i do... most of the time, it seems, that they are the only people who actually care about me. sad, isn't it? so what do you do when your friends can't get along with each other? do you take sides? do you forsake one for the other? or do you just hope that one or both will be the bigger person?
i think i've done a lot of growing as a person recently. i'm not finished yet, i will probably never be. so then how do i handle this? one friend is like my big brother and seems to feel a responsibility toward me. and the other i care about more than may be healthy for me. the big brother figure isn't asking me to chose, but the other seems to want me to...
why must life be so complicated?!?

Monday, August 17, 2009

holy crap!! ... second grade?!?

so yeah, wow do i feel old! the boy started second grade today. what's up with that?! i told him to stay little forever. and what does he do you ask... he still wants to grow up. gah! this is worse than when he started kindergarten.
this is second grade. this feels like the beginning of the end! i'm just not ready!! it seems like just yesterday he was so tiny and and drooly and snugly. now there's gonna be more school related activities and friends and sleepovers. i don't like it... i don't like it one bit!
i know it's something that i have to accept. just not going to do it happily... *sigh*

Friday, August 14, 2009

was gonna...

for reals... i had a ton of stuff that i was gonna post about. but then i took some sinus meds. my mind is blank and foggy now. so, i will post tomorrow, if i can figure out what i was thinking.

Monday, August 10, 2009

terrible memory

geeze, why didn't i post more than once last week?? i should have.... i think. i have such a terrible memory. ha. i actually have to go back and consult my calendar.

oh, ok. i see what happened... i had order of protection court on thursday. that must have eaten up most of my day. not actual court, but updating everybody and checking in i guess. idk.
thursday night, i got to have a girl's night with lb. and of course, we had lots of fun! we went to a adult party at a friends house and then out to see my fav band play. i had a great time.

in other news: i got to see fr. we talked a lot about everything that is going on with him. he's still having a very hard time with the death of his son. i just can't imagine what he is going through...

in other other news: i got a new second job!! yay me! i started working at another club on saturdays. it was great! it was what i thought it should be. a total blast!

Monday, August 3, 2009

crazy b*tch. ha

ha. love that song... totally has nothing to do with this post, i was just listening to it.

this weekend was good. just good. relaxing kind of good. i got a lot of cleaning and laundry done. i got to spend some time with my sweet girl too. i know she needs as much 'mommy time' as she can get. esp with as much going on in her little life.

night i went out with my friend that lives close to me. (we'll call her rt for rose tattoo) rt and i had a lot of fun. she drank, i didn't. we had an awesome girl's night out. we had planned to go to a few places, but only ended up going to one. i didn't get to get all my networking done that i had planned on, but i guess i'll have to do that next weekend.
we were supposed to meet up with my old friend. (we'll call him wb for way back.) we were going to go to a local club with wb, but he got in a fight. so glad we didn't go. that would have been too much to handle for me.

in other news: i finally got to talk to someone who is involved in this drama with ts. at risk of oversharage i will forgo the specifics. but will say that things aren't bad between me and this person. i don't really know where he stands, but i think that this was all just really bad timing for him. again, time tells all.