Monday, August 3, 2009

crazy b*tch. ha

ha. love that song... totally has nothing to do with this post, i was just listening to it.

this weekend was good. just good. relaxing kind of good. i got a lot of cleaning and laundry done. i got to spend some time with my sweet girl too. i know she needs as much 'mommy time' as she can get. esp with as much going on in her little life.

night i went out with my friend that lives close to me. (we'll call her rt for rose tattoo) rt and i had a lot of fun. she drank, i didn't. we had an awesome girl's night out. we had planned to go to a few places, but only ended up going to one. i didn't get to get all my networking done that i had planned on, but i guess i'll have to do that next weekend.
we were supposed to meet up with my old friend. (we'll call him wb for way back.) we were going to go to a local club with wb, but he got in a fight. so glad we didn't go. that would have been too much to handle for me.

in other news: i finally got to talk to someone who is involved in this drama with ts. at risk of oversharage i will forgo the specifics. but will say that things aren't bad between me and this person. i don't really know where he stands, but i think that this was all just really bad timing for him. again, time tells all.

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