Wednesday, August 26, 2009

hope it's not a cracked rib?

for those of you that don't know yet, i was in a car accident on saturday afternoon. and 82yr old grandma turned left into the front of my car. i have a feeling that they are probably going to try and total my car. the damage is extensive. the frame of the car actually ripped, the drivers side headlight is gone, the battery was punctured and is now leaking something, and there are miscellaneous loose parts under the hood. i know that there is more wrong with it, but i'm not for sure what.
i spent hours on the phone yesterday with the lady's insurance company. she hadn't even reported the accident to them. so now i have a rental car, until the claims rep figures out what they are going to do with my car.
what's worse is that i have pain. a lot of pain in my right side in my rib area and bruising on my left side. i was just sore on sunday and monday, but yesterday i noticed that the pain kept getting worse as the day went on. it was so bad last night that i couldn't get comfortable unless i was upright and with my heating pad. i'm exhausted today.
i'll be leaving to go to a walk-in clinic shortly. wish me luck that i didn't crack a rib or something equally as bad...

update: just got back from the doctor's office. they are sending me for ex rays first thing tomorrow morning. she seemed to think that it's either cracked or broken.

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