Monday, August 24, 2009

be the bigger person

let me just say that i love my friends! i do... most of the time, it seems, that they are the only people who actually care about me. sad, isn't it? so what do you do when your friends can't get along with each other? do you take sides? do you forsake one for the other? or do you just hope that one or both will be the bigger person?
i think i've done a lot of growing as a person recently. i'm not finished yet, i will probably never be. so then how do i handle this? one friend is like my big brother and seems to feel a responsibility toward me. and the other i care about more than may be healthy for me. the big brother figure isn't asking me to chose, but the other seems to want me to...
why must life be so complicated?!?

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Melissa said...

If the other cares about you, he shouldn't *want* you to choose. He should want you to have people who love you in your life. And if he DOES want you to choose, then you should seriously question that. Just one opinion. ;)

As for friends who don't get along... in general... NEVER FUN. Ugh.