Monday, December 21, 2009

make the effort

at least the one that comes with trouble makes it a point to come see me!

i am a firm believer that you need to have a life outside of a dating relationship to keep you balanced. but when that life stands in the way, that's something different. you have to make the effort.
i am a very understanding person. really, i am. i have been patient with nj. i get that he works 3rd shift. to me that means scheduling is important.
i think i'm done. things seems to have just fizzled out. oh well.

in other news: i went to fr's show on saturday night. even though they played in town the night before, they still brought in a pretty good crowd. i had a great time.
fr came by afterwards. i think i missed out conversations. overall, it was a good night :)

p.s. i wish i could give the full rundown, but that would be tmi to post... *sigh*

Saturday, December 19, 2009

if you need a hug... my arms are free!

"I'll let you know" is NEVER the correct response when a girl tells you she can see you on a night that she knows you're available~ posted to twitter friday morning. ugh. stupid.

losing patience.

in other news: i finally heard from fr. shock! he stopped by. good things :) hope i'm not kicking myself later.

that is all.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

green chicken chile kiles

i've been asked to post this a few times and had just never written it down. (still using paper @ work, btw) they are my fav 'go to' meal. i grew up on flavors like this, so to me chile kiles are a kind of comfort food.

my understanding of chile kiles is that they are super simple, just fried tortillas strips simmered in tomato sauce. they come together fast and easy. and as a single mom, fast and easy rule my kitchen most nights. (oh, that sounds so bad. lol) bonus for me, is that they taste a lot like enchilladas. i think i could eat my weight in enchilladas, so they are def FTW :)

green chicken chile kiles


10 corn torillas
1 10oz can green enchillada sauce
1 10 or 12oz can chicken (white or white and dark meat, your preference), drained
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar cheese
1 cup shredded monterey jack cheese
1/4 cup vegetable oil
seasoned salt

cut tortillas in half and then into 1in. strips
pan fry tortillas strips over medium heat until slightly crispy and golden
(try to only turn them once. mixing them around too much will make them break up and get mushy. when they're crispy, they'll stand up to stirring)
salt cooked tortilla strips in the pan
stir in chicken and enchillada sauce
spread cheese over top
heat over medium (without stirring) until bubbling and the cheese is melted.

serve with a green salad and refried or black beans.
if you like it spicier, you can always add some salsa verde or jalapenos when you add the sauce.

hope you enjoy them as much as i do. muy delicioso!

p.s. i would have pics to post, but i make this so often that i always forget to take any. i'll try to remember next time.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


i got my post card today! i'm officially cancer free for 2 years! time for my happy dance :)

Saturday, December 12, 2009

if life starts to get you down, slap its hand and tell it NO!

ugh. i'm still without a computer at work and have been super busy playing catch up to formulate a post until now.

quick rundown of this past week:

saturday: i was invited out to the club by dj. VIP, bottle service, the works. had a great time, but drank too much. i just can't do that again.

sunday: black ice + tree = expensive new passenger side door and front fender. that sucked! i'm so thankful that no one else was in the car with me and that no one got hurt.

monday: i had a stomach bug. it was so bad that i didn't actually put food in my mouth until halfway through tuesday.
also, i had my dreaded doctors appt. the doc says everything looks good. but i'm still waiting for my post card that says that the cancer hasn't come back.

tuesday: i was still kinda sick. i was so tired and wanted to crawl under a rock, but i went to work instead. blah

wednesday: the girl got sick at the sitters. poor baby threw up everywhere. when i got there she was shaking and warm, but she got better as the day went on.

thursday: i was feeling much better. i ended up going to hooter's with the girls after work. it was casual, relaxing, and all around a great time. wings, beer, cute girls(my girls, not the waitstaff). where's the downside?

friday: the kidlets and i had a quiet evening at home with chinese. yum!

saturday(today): i started the day off at 4am. why? i have no idea. i just woke up and was up. so i baked. i made blueberry muffins and apple cinnamon bread pudding. they both turned out pretty well, but i think i'm going to tweak the bread pudding a bit more before i post it.

in other news: i've decided to take melissa's suggestion and call my new guy nj (for new jersey). while that nickname doesn't necessarily describe his whole personality, it kinda works for him. things are going slowly, but that's kinda a good thing :)

Friday, December 4, 2009

jigga what?

because of the afore mention attention span or lack there of, i have a fuzzy brain too. i'm so upside down without being able to see my words, so i wrote them down(still using paper). i'm still trying to make sense of it all.

i'm having trouble coming up with what to call this new guy that i've been talking to. i'll describe him, and maybe come up with something in the process. he's 33 and grew up in new jersey. he's ex-army and is currently working on his degree in criminal justice. he owns a home, has a german shepherd and rides a harley davidson. he's sweet, attentive, and very easy to get along with. he loves children and seems to have a sense of family and responsibility about him.
oh, and here's the kicker... he can go toe to toe with me in an argument. ha! i love that about him.
most guys that want to date me really can't keep up, that's kinda a turn off. where's the challenge? i know that i can be a royal pain in the a*. so whoever is trying to get my attention needs to be able to handle me AND my smart a* mouth.

aww crap! i still don't know what to call him... any suggestions??


ok, so the weirdest s* happened last night. it wasn't so much that it was weird, but that i was f*ing creepy...

i went to ladies night with some of my girls at a local club. free cover and free beer until midnight... I'm in! who's gonna turn that down??
i was there less than 30min, when i get a text from bh asking who is watching the kidlets. wha?? wtf. how did he know that they weren't at home with me? how did he know that i was out? esp since it was a thursday night. can we say STALKER?!
i texted back that they were with the sitter and asked why he was asking. i didn't get a response. that was so creepy! i figured that maybe he was at the same club, which has happened before. but i never saw him.
this morning i got a text from him saying that his friend saw me at the club. i asked him why it mattered. and he said that he wasn't trying to start anything, but that his friend complimented my short skirt. WTF?! not trying to start anything... and he tells me s* like that?! are you kidding me?! this really makes me feel like he's still stalking me after all this time. i really just want to be left alone by him. geeze

*sigh* whatever! i still had a great time with my girls last night! it was funny... we counted, i got hit on by 6 guys and even got a wolf whistle from another. hilarious!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

freakin virus

i miss my interwebz! i wrote this post on actual paper. crazy, right!
seriously, though... ACTUAL. PAPER.

i got back to my desk yesterday after lunch and got all comfy and logged in. and soon as i did, my 'puter started being retarded. ugh! it's got a freakin virus. WTF
here, my company pays all these thousands of dollars for anti-virus software and everything to go along with it, and i get a virus on my computer?? stoooopid!!
what's worse is that i don't know when i'll get my computer back. dude! this whole using paper for everything is seriously throwing me off. you know what that means, don't you? i think that means i need to lay off the computer, because it's like an addiction and i'm going through withdrawls. *sigh*

now that i think about it i have kinda become a hermit and have been told that by a couple of my close friends. i guess i need to quit living my life through the internet. i thought i had a pretty good balance going, but apparently not. esp if i have anxiety about not being able to check my email and such from work. or do actual work. geeze

in other news: i'm so A.D.D. today. i'm so used to multi-tasking that i'm flipping through a magazine while writing this.
i have run across some great recipes. but in the middle of reading one, i glanced over at the next page and saw a grill press. and now... i totally need one! not only am i writing and reading a mag, but i'm texting like 3 different people AND answering the phone. (as answering the phone is part of my job as a receptionist.)
i think i need to figure out a way to focus myself more. or at least find something to do with all this nervous energy.

in other other news: i just read this great article about megan fox in cosmo (see! attention span of a gold fish). i didn't really like her at first. it could be because i've only seen her in supporting roles or maybe that i've never really paid any attention to her. i assumed that she was just another plastic starlet. surprisingly, she's a pretty ballsy, outspoken chick. i like that. we should all be so confident.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


dear december,

i don't like you right now. maybe we can be friends next year. but for now please go away and make it october again. i'm not ready for it to be christmas yet, or new years. btw, i don't want any of this cold weather either, so you can take that with you when you go k.