Saturday, December 12, 2009

if life starts to get you down, slap its hand and tell it NO!

ugh. i'm still without a computer at work and have been super busy playing catch up to formulate a post until now.

quick rundown of this past week:

saturday: i was invited out to the club by dj. VIP, bottle service, the works. had a great time, but drank too much. i just can't do that again.

sunday: black ice + tree = expensive new passenger side door and front fender. that sucked! i'm so thankful that no one else was in the car with me and that no one got hurt.

monday: i had a stomach bug. it was so bad that i didn't actually put food in my mouth until halfway through tuesday.
also, i had my dreaded doctors appt. the doc says everything looks good. but i'm still waiting for my post card that says that the cancer hasn't come back.

tuesday: i was still kinda sick. i was so tired and wanted to crawl under a rock, but i went to work instead. blah

wednesday: the girl got sick at the sitters. poor baby threw up everywhere. when i got there she was shaking and warm, but she got better as the day went on.

thursday: i was feeling much better. i ended up going to hooter's with the girls after work. it was casual, relaxing, and all around a great time. wings, beer, cute girls(my girls, not the waitstaff). where's the downside?

friday: the kidlets and i had a quiet evening at home with chinese. yum!

saturday(today): i started the day off at 4am. why? i have no idea. i just woke up and was up. so i baked. i made blueberry muffins and apple cinnamon bread pudding. they both turned out pretty well, but i think i'm going to tweak the bread pudding a bit more before i post it.

in other news: i've decided to take melissa's suggestion and call my new guy nj (for new jersey). while that nickname doesn't necessarily describe his whole personality, it kinda works for him. things are going slowly, but that's kinda a good thing :)

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Melissa said...

Definitely a good thing. ;)

Sorry there was so much sickness this week and I'm sorry about your accident! That sucks.

A quiet night with Chinese sounds great. Or Thai, or Vietnamese, or Japanese. Anything I can't make well at home is comforting. :P