Friday, December 4, 2009

jigga what?

because of the afore mention attention span or lack there of, i have a fuzzy brain too. i'm so upside down without being able to see my words, so i wrote them down(still using paper). i'm still trying to make sense of it all.

i'm having trouble coming up with what to call this new guy that i've been talking to. i'll describe him, and maybe come up with something in the process. he's 33 and grew up in new jersey. he's ex-army and is currently working on his degree in criminal justice. he owns a home, has a german shepherd and rides a harley davidson. he's sweet, attentive, and very easy to get along with. he loves children and seems to have a sense of family and responsibility about him.
oh, and here's the kicker... he can go toe to toe with me in an argument. ha! i love that about him.
most guys that want to date me really can't keep up, that's kinda a turn off. where's the challenge? i know that i can be a royal pain in the a*. so whoever is trying to get my attention needs to be able to handle me AND my smart a* mouth.

aww crap! i still don't know what to call him... any suggestions??

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Melissa said...

Being able to keep up with you verbally is probably quite a perk. Heh. He does sound nice. Maybe NJ, for New Jersey? That seems rather obvious but it's the first thing that popped into my head. Of course, id his New Jersey background doesn't really define him at all, that makes it kind of meh. Hm.