Friday, December 4, 2009


ok, so the weirdest s* happened last night. it wasn't so much that it was weird, but that i was f*ing creepy...

i went to ladies night with some of my girls at a local club. free cover and free beer until midnight... I'm in! who's gonna turn that down??
i was there less than 30min, when i get a text from bh asking who is watching the kidlets. wha?? wtf. how did he know that they weren't at home with me? how did he know that i was out? esp since it was a thursday night. can we say STALKER?!
i texted back that they were with the sitter and asked why he was asking. i didn't get a response. that was so creepy! i figured that maybe he was at the same club, which has happened before. but i never saw him.
this morning i got a text from him saying that his friend saw me at the club. i asked him why it mattered. and he said that he wasn't trying to start anything, but that his friend complimented my short skirt. WTF?! not trying to start anything... and he tells me s* like that?! are you kidding me?! this really makes me feel like he's still stalking me after all this time. i really just want to be left alone by him. geeze

*sigh* whatever! i still had a great time with my girls last night! it was funny... we counted, i got hit on by 6 guys and even got a wolf whistle from another. hilarious!


Melissa said...

What a douche. Ugh.

Cali said...

yes, the epitome of a douchebag