Thursday, December 3, 2009

freakin virus

i miss my interwebz! i wrote this post on actual paper. crazy, right!
seriously, though... ACTUAL. PAPER.

i got back to my desk yesterday after lunch and got all comfy and logged in. and soon as i did, my 'puter started being retarded. ugh! it's got a freakin virus. WTF
here, my company pays all these thousands of dollars for anti-virus software and everything to go along with it, and i get a virus on my computer?? stoooopid!!
what's worse is that i don't know when i'll get my computer back. dude! this whole using paper for everything is seriously throwing me off. you know what that means, don't you? i think that means i need to lay off the computer, because it's like an addiction and i'm going through withdrawls. *sigh*

now that i think about it i have kinda become a hermit and have been told that by a couple of my close friends. i guess i need to quit living my life through the internet. i thought i had a pretty good balance going, but apparently not. esp if i have anxiety about not being able to check my email and such from work. or do actual work. geeze

in other news: i'm so A.D.D. today. i'm so used to multi-tasking that i'm flipping through a magazine while writing this.
i have run across some great recipes. but in the middle of reading one, i glanced over at the next page and saw a grill press. and now... i totally need one! not only am i writing and reading a mag, but i'm texting like 3 different people AND answering the phone. (as answering the phone is part of my job as a receptionist.)
i think i need to figure out a way to focus myself more. or at least find something to do with all this nervous energy.

in other other news: i just read this great article about megan fox in cosmo (see! attention span of a gold fish). i didn't really like her at first. it could be because i've only seen her in supporting roles or maybe that i've never really paid any attention to her. i assumed that she was just another plastic starlet. surprisingly, she's a pretty ballsy, outspoken chick. i like that. we should all be so confident.

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