Sunday, May 22, 2011

moments of bliss

we find rest in those we love, and provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us ~saint bernard of clairaux

this weekend has been one of great memories. but i have to say, yesterday was one of my favorite days!

it seems like it started in dreams and soft kisses.
warm embraces and pretty little secrets.
silky whispers and moments of bliss.

it ended much the same.

the day was spent with the truest of friends and the wonder and innocence of children.

my heart is so full.

love in any form is amazing!

Thursday, May 19, 2011


the one...

the be all, end all of your very existence; that which we spend our whole lives looking for; the missing half of our souls.

what makes somebody THE ONE??

the way i see it, somebody can't be your ONE if you're not their ONE, right?

but how do you know? is it timing? is it a notion that just hits you one day?

what if you never find that person? does it mean they still exist? or what if you've found them, but neither of you ever realize it? what then?


perhaps we'll never know...

Wednesday, May 18, 2011


it's no easy wanting something so badly and knowing that it's at your fingertips, but you can never have it.

so i stayed home today and slept most of it away. i've been under the weather. mostly body aches and scratchy throat :( so i've totally gone the cold meds route. which leads me to this...

i think when on cold meds i should not be cooking, because me and sharp objects or hot stoves is probably a bad idea. but apparently, when it comes to blogging on cold meds i say "why the h* not?!" i guess i'm just nuts like that or i just don't know what's good for me.

anywho, i've had a lot swirling around in my noggin lately.

with the end of the school year there are many decisions to be made. one big one is whether or not i will have the kidlets transferred to a different school. the slightly overwhelming one for me is whether or not i will go back to school this fall.

i've done much considering and finally had a huge sit down with my mom while she was visiting this last weekend. the verdict is that i want to go to school pretty badly. without finishing some sort of degree, i have pretty much reached my earning potential in this area unless i go into sales. and i cringe at the thought of going into sales.

there are all of these things that i want and all of these goals that i've set aside for so long. now, they have finally reached full circle in my life. my goals match up with what i want for my children and for our future.

the question now is, what's next? what do i change? and which direction do i go in?

and finally, what will i miss?

there is more than one way to get to ones destination...