Monday, December 21, 2009

make the effort

at least the one that comes with trouble makes it a point to come see me!

i am a firm believer that you need to have a life outside of a dating relationship to keep you balanced. but when that life stands in the way, that's something different. you have to make the effort.
i am a very understanding person. really, i am. i have been patient with nj. i get that he works 3rd shift. to me that means scheduling is important.
i think i'm done. things seems to have just fizzled out. oh well.

in other news: i went to fr's show on saturday night. even though they played in town the night before, they still brought in a pretty good crowd. i had a great time.
fr came by afterwards. i think i missed out conversations. overall, it was a good night :)

p.s. i wish i could give the full rundown, but that would be tmi to post... *sigh*

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