Friday, January 1, 2010

in the new year

i should be folding laundry, but i'm taking a break from cleaning for a bit. this morning i woke up and decided to go on a rampage though my apartment. i'm weeding through everything and de-cluttering. in a way i'm doing this throughout my life, not just my apartment. i'm clearing the deck so to speak.

i have learned so much this past year. i def see thing differently than i did. i've met some great friends and some not so great 'friends'. i've learned a lot about myself and about human nature. i am still learning and growing.
this new year is the start of a new decade. i would like to believe 09 was just the left over crap from the last one. i've decided not to make any resolutions, because they are so hard to stick to.
however, i have decided to make a commitment to myself. i am going to treat myself better. i have made a conscious decision to be my biggest fan. the way i see it, if i don't love myself, then who else will.

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Melissa said...

Now that's a commitment I can get behind. :D You absolutely have to love yourself first. Best thing you can ever do for yourself too.

Decluttering always feels good, and you will always continue to learn and grow. If you don't you may as well be dead!