Monday, January 11, 2010

so random and the alpha male

random fact 1: i thought this pic was so pretty, so i totally boosted it from a friend. i know he wont mind me posting it though.

random fact 2: i'm trying to take more time for myself away from being online. apparently, i spend way too much of my life online these days.

random fact 3: i've been baking a lot and totally loving it. thought you should know...

random fact 4: i'm really trying to get it together today, but i just can't seem to get my head on straight.

random fact 5: i totally have fr on the brain. it's good. it's confusing. it's... it just is.

i saw fr this weekend. his band played a show on friday night in the next town over. i had a lot of fun :)

we got into this conversation about people around us and the hierarchy. i'm starting to understand it all now. i mean i understood it before, but not really where i myself fit into my own group, i guess. i do see how certain personalities are attracted to others, simply based on their status in their own social circle. it's very interesting.
it seems to me( and this is just an observation) that most females are attracted to the alpha male in some way shape or form (friendship or otherwise). it just all seems to be about status and validation.
the feminist movement tries to void those rules, but our society still judges us by them. i see it in myself. while, i am independent and head strong, i see myself looking for validation from a partner.
i have friends that joke about a class-action suite against disney, because we all grew up wanting to have some male figure sweep us off our feet. alas, that's not really the way it works. but that gets me thinking... how does it work? there are so many men and women out there that are happy in their relationships. is that wholly attainable by all? or is that only for some? and what makes a good relationship?
i have good friendships with men and women. some are rigidly structured and others are non-structured, completely not what you would consider a traditional relationship.
examples: me and mg, totally traditional. best friends since we were 12. me and wb, traditional. almost big brother little sister. me and rt, traditional. she's my girl, one of my besties. me and fr, non traditional. we are how we are and we do what we want. free flowing in a way.
make sense?
more later

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