Monday, January 4, 2010

playing kickball... DUH!

ugh. today has been trying....
*sigh* i'm so trying to chill the h* out. i am so over it with bh and his newest ex-wife. geeze, they've been wearing me out today. and now, i'm done. just done. *cleansing breath in and out* i've been so stressed that my jaw actually hurts.

this is what i was talking about when i said i was clearing the deck. i'm cutting off all contact with anyone who brings me drama. i just don't need the stress. i deserve to be treated better by the people that i choose to interact with.

in other news: this last weekend was a solid 'good' weekend. i mostly hung out at the house with the kidlets. saturday, i took the kidlets to see cloudy with a chance of meatballs. they loved it so much. the girl sat in my lap the whole time. i was amazed, she usually wont sit still for that long.

sunday was a pretty relaxing day. the kidlets and i listened to a podcast from church since it was SO cold. have i told you how much i hate cold weather?? yeah, it was freakin freezing...
i'm so loving this mommy thing! esp because the girl is finally old enough to really interact with everyone. i love how she learns new things all the time. we have so much fun. we actually played kickball in the kitchen :) and we didn't even break anything. that's what the extra space is for, right?


Melissa said...

I think I need to do what you're doing and cut out everyone who brings me drama. It's hard sometimes. *Sigh

Cali said...

oh honey, it's def not easy... but sometimes you just have to clear the deck (a piece of wisdom from my dad) and start fresh. i want nothing but good things for all of us <3

want to come play kickball?? it's so much more fun than you remember... i promise :)