Friday, January 29, 2010

i [heart] scallops with asparagus

so yeah... this week has just gone to sh*t...

i did manage to go to the movies on wed night and see sherlock holmes. i give it an A. of course, 2 shots of jeager and a couple of beers always improves a movie experience... just not so good for the morning after. (note to self: hangovers suck a** on thursday mornings.)
i'm not really sure what my problem is today though. i'm so nauseated. ugh. not a good thing for me. i hate hate HATE throwing up.

oh yeah, i made this last night. i think i deserved it. ny strip steak, scallops, asparagus, and a white wine sauce... it was REALLY good. i didn't eat that much of it, but it still tasted awesome. i [heart] my dear friend saint tigerlily for the recipe and method. i've made it several times with scallops and shrimp and it always turns out amazing.
the running joke about it last night between me and mg was that 'someday i'll make an AWESOME wife, but until then i'm going to eat awesome sh*t like this ALL BY MYSELF!!!'


Melissa said...

Hey, you deserve it just as much by yourself! But you know, you will be an awesome partner. And it will happen!

Hope you had a great night tonight, honey bunch. :) Maybe next week will be brighter. ♥

Cali said...

aww... thank you love! thank you for being such a good friend!