Wednesday, February 3, 2010

no lo entiendo (i don't understand)

sometimes it is SO HARD to be strong for someone else, especially when you're trying even harder not to fall apart yourself.

i feel like i'm totally losing it today... i'm just a huge mix of well, EVERYTHING. ugh.
this weekend was very blah. we were pretty much snowed in the whole time. (btw, i officially HATE snow.) i'm so over this not being able to get out of the house thing that is winter. since the roads were pretty hazardous, i didn't get to have my face to face with fr. not that i know what i would have said to him anyway, but still.
i'm struggling pretty bad this week. i'm trying so hard to take my own damn advice and think positively. i want so badly to be in a good mood. but today, i'm tired. i haven't slept well the last 2 or 3 nights. i'm cranky and anxious. those 2 things aren't so pretty on me. funny thing, when i get this stressed and anxious, i actually start thinking and cussing in spanish. idk why, i just do. must be the latin thing, i guess. yo no se.

how sad is it that, yesterday i actually went and got my hair trimmed to kind of spunk it up. it did put me in a better mood... for about a minute. i've tried it all. i thought maybe some retail therapy might help, but it didn't. though, i did get a pair of really cute wedges on sale. i'm talking about $45 shoes for $8, seriously?! why am i not just elated?? *sigh*

i'm just not myself right now, that's all i know.

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Melissa said...

You're you, I think perhaps you're just undergoing changes and they suck and don't feel good. :( I wish i could help babe. *Big hug*