Thursday, February 4, 2010

a slightly more health conscious baked potato

i am an avid reader of food blogs and well, other blogs too. but i was inspired to harden my arteries by my friend saint tigerlily. she always has super fun ideas :) so in honor of saint tigerlily's overstuffed potatoes i made my own version.

i used red potatoes instead of russets to start with 1) because they are smaller(yay for smaller portions!) and 2) because they are sweeter, so the kidlets like them.

the toppings included:

diced turkey kielbasa
garlicky spinach
light sour cream
cheddar jack cheese
and diced tomatoes

i served it with a strawberry and spinach salad. because yeah, strawberries + pepper = awesome.

this was a great weeknight supper. super easy and super fast, plus i have leftovers if i want to make it again this week. the girl wasn't really impressed with the spinach, but she liked everything else. and the boy was all over the spinach and kielbasa, so this meal was def FTW.

p.s. not the clearest pic, i know. i'm having issues with uploading pics... so bear with me *wink*


SaintTigerlily said...

This looks awesome! You healthed it up quite a bit! Nice job!!

Cali said...

thank you, thank you! it was very tasty :)