Monday, February 8, 2010

i need a hug... or something

homesick, home sick, sick for home... *sigh*

i'm def sad and sick and still so OMG about this whole situation.

"And that's what adulthood is: you wake from the nightmare and realize there's no bigger bed to climb into." ~john mayer via twitter


my weekend was so odd. things were calm and good, then they were bad and i was yelling. by the end of it i'd made a complete a** of myself and lost my phone. oh and rt told fr to stay away from me. (i have hearts for her for doing that) she's the kind of friend a girl needs.
did anyone else know that his ex had moved back into his house with him?? in october?! cause i didn't until he told me last week. that was def my big FML moment for the year.


i think i'm at that point that you get to where things are just so wrong that you just want to go home to mommy. i need right now, not anything in particular, just need.


Melissa said...

I think you need to just feel taken care of for a bit. Like I said below, I wish I could help. You'll find your way through this funk, though, I know you will. ♥

Cali said...

thanks babes! you are helping, by just being there for me <3