Monday, January 25, 2010

wanting to rush it

i know i said i would keep you posted on this last weekend, but i'm not even sure where to start.

friday didn't end the way i'd hoped. i ended up arguing with a friend of mine. which was stupid. i was being my smart a* self and he told me that i was being a b*. so, i lost my patience and basically told him to go f* himself. cause really, at the end of the night, i am my own person and i don't answer to anyone. period. i know that might sound funny unless you were privy to the actual conversation, but he wasn't calling me out. he'd had too much to drink and was just being a d*. he apologized for it later.

anywho, saturday was kind of a lazy day. the girl and i stayed at home and watched movies. i like days like that. we both fell asleep on the couch.
fr stopped by on his way home from GA. that was nice. i like to sit and just talk to him. there is no pressure to do anything or be anything.

today, i'm just in a good mood. just happy with how things are. i think that's how i should be. it seems so often that because i know what i want, i end up wanting to rush it. i do want to get on with the rest of my life, but what that entails, i just don't know. so i just keep on the way that it is and kinda let it ride. and i'm ok with that.

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