Tuesday, January 26, 2010

... and then the sun came up

i am in a state of utter shock. i'm trying so hard to keep it together today. so hard. *deep breathe*

i think my chest hurts *sigh*

umm... i got a message from fr late last night on myspace.
ugh. yes, we know what happens when he messages me out of the blue. it had to do with this.
so now, i'm a huge ball of OMG and so many other things. i just have so much confusion. things seemed like they were going so well with us. i've never even had an argument with him.

when he was with me sunday morning, the sun came up and he didn't seem like he wanted to leave me. he was sweet and comforting and warm. i'm not sure what has brought this about again, but we're going to sit and talk this weekend. i'm going to do my very best to be calm about the situation.

yeah, my chest hurts...

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