Tuesday, January 12, 2010


ok, so i had this whole post about loneliness and companionship floating around in my head last night. i may still post it later...

BUT, i realized this morning that i'm having an allergic reaction to something. ugh!! i don't know what though... i think i would have known sooner if it hadn't been for this totally f*ed up weather that we've been having.
i've chocked up the dry skin and eyes and the weird sinuses and all the other weirdness to the whacked out weather. my eyes are burning today. so now i get to deconstruct my diet for the last week to try and figure it out.
FUN!! just what i wanted to do today. not to mention how fun it's going to be to operate on antihistamines. this sucks a*!!

p.s. taking benadryl while drinking red bull = not my best idea ever

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