Monday, August 10, 2009

terrible memory

geeze, why didn't i post more than once last week?? i should have.... i think. i have such a terrible memory. ha. i actually have to go back and consult my calendar.

oh, ok. i see what happened... i had order of protection court on thursday. that must have eaten up most of my day. not actual court, but updating everybody and checking in i guess. idk.
thursday night, i got to have a girl's night with lb. and of course, we had lots of fun! we went to a adult party at a friends house and then out to see my fav band play. i had a great time.

in other news: i got to see fr. we talked a lot about everything that is going on with him. he's still having a very hard time with the death of his son. i just can't imagine what he is going through...

in other other news: i got a new second job!! yay me! i started working at another club on saturdays. it was great! it was what i thought it should be. a total blast!

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