Wednesday, March 31, 2010

so random: omg. wtf week!

i had a stellar weekend, but that's for another post.

the weirdest crap has been dropped in my lap this week. i've been experiencing 'wtf's all week and it's only wednesday. geeze...

random fact #1: remember ts? one of his friends who is now not his friend told me some info that totally floored me on monday. it's taken people a while to see the real him. shocker! right?
well, apparently it doesn't end at all the weirdness that he bestowed upon me.
he's got a kid! a daughter, that he doesn't own up to. not only that, but she's 18! an adult. wtf. a child that he denies. omg! if i had known that before... hindsight's 20/20, but still! omg!

random fact #2: i got unfriended on facebook for not agreeing with a friends specific religious views...
it bothered me at first but i'm not upset about it now, because a) it's facebook! i post what i want and police my own page. if someone puts up something offensive then i take it down. the things that i post are either silly or encouraging.
i want people to be happy and to feel loved, even if it's just for 2 seconds out of their busy day. and b) how ridiculous is it to delete someone over the fact that they don't believe the specific doctrine that you believe?? there are so many different denominations of christianity that you just can't agree with them all.
i look at life in a different way than most, but i always try and see things with love and hope. i guess her and i weren't as good of friends as i thought.

random fact #3: and the official WTF of the week...
bh bailed on visitation with the girl last night! wtf! he won't respond to text messages or calls. i finally got ahold of his manager at work, thinking that he may have done something stupid. like last year when he tried to commit suicide. but nope, he was on his way to work when his manager called him. can we say d*bag?!?!
so he wasted my time and gas money AND upset the girl for what?! for what?! why are you gonna bail on your kid?!? after all of the crap he has put us through... why?!
angry does not even begin to cover how i feel right now... my baby girl deserves better than this! period!

so that's where i'm at today.

deep breathes. deep. cleansing. breathes. in through the nose and out though the mouth... and again. ok, i'm not going to let this ruin my week d*mnit!!


jennyonthespot said...

Yes. Deep cleansing breaths - for sure. Whoa!

And on the FB note... I have had that too. It's baffling. I feel ya there sistah. SO much.

Melissa said...

Yeah the FB thing is ridiculous. I have friends with all sorts of religious beliefs... I hope we will always all be able to just respect one another. Her loss!

But as for the girl's dad? Eff that. What a douche. She does deserve better, and I'm sorry D.