Monday, March 1, 2010

so random: i hate you, monday!

my weekend was kinda lame. and mondays just aren't for me...

random fact #1: i hate having to be the 'adult' in situations where there is alcohol involved.

random fact #2: i was going to go see alice in chains today with sd, but now i'm not. i realized that there are just too many implications. i just can't do it...

random fact #3: the brakes went out on my car yesterday. it sucked! the crazy thing is that i didn't freak out until i got home.

random fact #4: i'm really getting sick of these 2 day headaches!

random fact #5: i went to a party with my hiking group over the weekend. it was fun, but then it wasn't.

random fact #6: i've come to realize that i'm standing in my own damn way of being happy. or maybe just in my own damn way of being in a relationship. basically, i get scared and panic. and that just leads to me looking like a flake to these guys, when i'm really not. i'm a pretty steady kind of girl. at least i think i am.

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