Monday, March 22, 2010

vegas baby!!

gorgeous sushi at shibuya inside the mgm grand. mmm... so good!

sorry it took me so long to post. i'm still trying to catch up IRL...

this has to be the craziest sh*t i've ever read as far as horoscopes go, esp considering the weekend i had in vegas:

weekly horoscope

For the Week of Mar 8th, 2010 --
Creating a fantasy experience can make Saturday a memorable day. Set aside whatever distractions you can to make the time and emotional space to open your heart and share love with an easygoing playmate. This isn't a time of commitment; it's an escape from daily life that's meant to heal wounds and inspire a newfound sense of innocence and hope.

i have to say that vegas was everything i hoped. my girlies were so much fun. my cousin(we'll call her vm) is hilarious and ws lost her mind, but we had way much fun!

thursday night i got there around midnight. i got the kidlets settled in with my mom and got the party started.

i'm not going to give the complete rundown here, because of course what happens in vegas...

BUT there was much alcohol. beautiful dinners. crazy clubs. great shopping. fun clothes. gambling at all hours... the list could go on and on.

the result is that i feel different/better about life. there is so much more to look forward to.

i made a few new friends while out there. vm had met someone in vegas more than a year ago and has been corresponding with him ever since. he met us out there with a couple of his friends. we all got along really well.
did i mention that my cousin's guy is from ireland. not just from there, but he actually lives there. i thought that was pretty d* cool that he thinks enough of vm to go all that way to spend a little time with her.
well, vm's guy invited her to go to ireland in the summer to visit. the coolest part is that she wants me to come with her.

OMG!! IRELAND!! i'm going to ireland! in the summer!!

i'm so freakin excited that i can't stand myself!

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