Wednesday, March 10, 2010

sunshine and gumdrops

sorry to leave ya hanging kids... i've been way under the weather.
last wednesday i stayed home from work, because i was all ugh. i went to see the doc on thursday and OF COURSE, had to get inhalers. grrr... to the tune of $135 after the insurance paid part of it. ugh, stupid body!
i totally lost my voice from this ubersexy cough, so it's not been all sunshine and gumdrops the last bunch of days :(

hahahahaha... haha... haha... ha (nervous laugh)

...and then there was this last weekend.*tilts head to one side*
h*, i don't know how to explain it all or if i even want to here. we'll just say that it included several text messages, phone calls and some late night conversation.

friday, was trivial pursuit night... so fun!
saturday was a girls' day! me and one of my girls went to lunch, went shopping and then had the most awesome pedicures EVER.
i NEED one of those massaging chairs in my living room stat!

saturday night i went to see fr's band play. it was the lead singers birthday and he's also a good friend. so i had to make an appearance, right?


today, i have thoroughly coughed my head off. but i'm still in a super awesome mood from the weekend *wink*
plus! i'm leaving for las vegas tomorrow afternoon!!! i'm so excited to see my mom and a couple of my west coast girlies :)

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