Thursday, April 1, 2010

cuando, cuando, cuando

tell me when will you be mine
tell me cuando, cuando, cuando
we can share a love divine
please don't make me wait again...

ahhhhh.... listening to michael buble always makes me feel so zen. like i should be doing the samba or basking in the sun in a bikini with one of those fruity drinks with a little umbrella in it. *sigh*

it's spring! spring has finally sprung!! talk about mood weather... it's gorgeous outside. of course, i don't have any windows in my office, but that's beside the point. the promise of the beautiful weekend ahead has made me just a little antsy today...

oy! i can't believe it's already thursday! where has the week gone??

where to start... where to start...

i know this is a lil out of chronological order, but you love me. so you'll let me get away with it, right? right.

last weekend was another one of those solid kind of good weekends.
friday was great! i went to fr's show at a local sports bar with a couple of my girlies. we had so much fun! oh the trouble i could get into at that particular place... ha! they recently installed a stripper pole in another part of the building. that's all i'm gonna say about that *grins*

saturday was nice and relaxing until i got a phone call at 6pm from one of my friends, telling me that we were having a birthday dinner for another one of my friends at 7:30. and here i was half passed out on the couch.
shew! that got me kick started...

i had dinner (well, sangria at least) and chocolate cake at a mexican restaurant with the girls. i went from there to the same sports bar from friday to see another one of my friends bands play for a bit. THEN, went home and changed clothes.

me and one of the girls headed to the club. we were guests of dj. so VIP, no cover, and bottle service! it's good to be me sometimes!

we had a blast!

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