Friday, April 23, 2010


The only way to get rid of temptation is to yield to it... ~Oscar Wilde

you ever have things happen in your life that mess with you so bad that you're almost consumed by it?? i might just be insane, but that's kinda how my brain is working lately. it's like i'm in this funk and i just can't quite shake it. so this week i have totally been on autopilot.

i am conflicted about so many things. mostly relationship shaped things, but also other things...

i really didn't think this would be so hard. i know what i want and i know what is good for me. so why then can they not be the same? or at least not the opposite? what's the alternative or compromise? where do we draw the line for right and wrong? at what point do we say that this is or isn't acceptable behavior?

friends tell me they've been there. i know some have. how can something that makes you happy be wrong? i'm happy, but frustrated. i know i'm being vague, but there are too many complications to write here. just too much involved. *sigh*

moving along...

last weekend was another solid good. these good weekends are becoming a steady thing for me, so yay for that!

thursday the kidlets and i grilled out with lb. one of our fav things to do! she just got a sweet new weber! i want one so bad... if only i had a deck or balcony of some kind.

friday the girl and i went and got our nails done. that's right, i'm starting her off young!

saturday i took the girl to chuck e cheese's. she loved it. it's amazing the fun a 3yr old can have with 5 bucks in tokens. it was a nice afternoon.

saturday night was um... well, that kinda has to do with my conflict. i went to bristol on an invite. i even stayed in the band house. i had an amazing time.

at the end of the day, the heart wants what it wants...

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Rae said...

I know ur funk....I'm on the same one, actually....