Wednesday, April 14, 2010

like a dang super ball

geeze o' pete!!


idk what my problem is... i've gotten a ton of stuff accomplished at work, but my brain has been bouncing around like a dang super ball. i can't seem to get my thoughts and stuff in order.

i suppose it could be that my brain is stuck somewhere between last weekend and this coming weekend...

last weekend was just... WOW, just WOW!

friday i had dinner with one of my girlies. it was so good to see her and catch up. we used to go to church together years and years ago. good food, good conversation and a good glass of wine... my kind of night!
it didn't hurt that i was at home and in bed at a decent hour either. lately, it seems that i have a ton of energy during the day, but am insanely tired at night. not sure why... so yay for sleep!

this is the point in my post where i tilt my head slightly and giggle just a little bit...

so... yeah, text messages at 3am and 2 phone calls later... and i was making plans to go down to atlanta for the night, saturday night.

CRAZY! i know!!

i had actually talked myself out of it by 4pm saturday, because it was 3 hours one way and have i told you that i could seriously get lost in a paper bag? let alone atlanta, a city i'd never driven in.
i mentioned it to one of my girls. and POOF! we made plans at 7 and left my apt at 8. i still can't believe that we went. but hey, i've got pictures to prove it :)
we had so much fun! and the drive was def worth it...

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