Thursday, July 16, 2009

we start again...

the is the NEW and IMPROVED thoughts from me...
i know, i have no imagination for titles sometimes. but hey, it's what i've got to work with today. it's been a really rough week, so cut me some slack.

i've decided to post this newer version of my blog for the simple fact that i feel as if the last one shared waaaay too much. those were my private thoughts and rantings. most of it didn't make sense the way i wanted it to unless you(the reader) could pretty much read my mind. i think there are only like 2 people on the planet that could do that right now. so, i put my first blogbaby to bed one last time.

the last couple of weeks have been very hard on me. the quick run down is this:

ts and i have had too many ups and downs to count. this has pretty much devastated me. too many downs!

of has decided to delete me from his life. i was extremely upset about it yesterday. today, i'm not that upset anymore. true friends love you unconditionally, regardless of what kind of choices you might make concerning their advice.

a good friend of mine lost his child. i'm sad for him.

bh decided to give up his visitation with the girl. i'm starting to think that she's probably better off without him.

so many other things have happened the last couple of weeks, it's just been unreal.

p.s. just to elaborate on the oversharing: i feel like i was sharing info that i wouldn't necessarily want just anyone to know. if i seem vague at times please feel free to ask questions in a private message.


Anonymous said...

if you think its just about not taking the advice.. then you have ABSOLUTELY no clue what its really about....

Cali said...

as my view has been extremely myopic recently, i have neglected things and am extremely sorry for that. i hope that you and i can discuss your concerns soon.