Monday, August 16, 2010


begin at the beginning and go till the end, then stop ~alice in wonderland

i had this whole post ready to publish that was about secrets and love, but i think i will save it for another day. today i am going to tell you about my weekend, like i used to.

friday was super fun! fr's show was canceled because of a scheduling mix up, so some of us got together and saw another cover band in the next town over.

late night + alcohol + awesome friends = great times!!

saturday was when things just kept getting better. the kidlets and i made a super yummy breakfast of ham and cheese omelets and biscuits and gravy. i love it when we have quiet mornings at home! we had a great afternoon at a friend's son's birthday/pool party.

saturday night i drove to bristol to see fr's band play. i love out of town gigs with them! they kicked a*!! they had new songs, including this one by the cure that i just adore!

and you know the best times are at the band house :)

my night and morning and day were wonderful and beautiful and sad. (we'll save the sad for later though) fr is amazing! just amazing...
once we were together, we occupied the same space as if that was the norm. it was US. if it hadn't been for certain things that i'll address later i would have been glowing like i was radioactive all the way home.


PattyPunker said...

love the title of this post and the song! mwuah.

Cali ʚϊɞ said...

i had never heard it played live before... it was no less than awesome!!

Juliana, aka Kernut said...

Sounds like a wonderful day/evening (almost?).