Thursday, October 7, 2010

checking in

ok, ok! it's killing me! this not blogging thing is killing a little... so i'm checking in.

*waves* hi!

i have been writing some, but mostly stuff that i'll have to wait to post. it's not really secrety secrets... well, not MY secrety secrets. there are just things i'm not ready to say. *sigh*

i'm starting to feel better mentally, just in a weird disconnected sort of way. it's a start though, so i'll take it. of course my health is a whole other story. ugh! i have these headaches like you wouldn't believe and the insomnia is not getting any better. it just seems that i'm less productive while awake in the wee hours.
this week, my kidneys have decided to flip me the bird. so cross your fingers that i'm not allergic to THIS round of antibiotics, 'cause i like breathing.

oh! and i'm still in love, so there's that...

*bites lower lip*
i might start posting again here and there. i might.

love you all bunches and miss you more!!

big wet kisses!!!


Rae said...

*waves* miss and love you!

Juliana, aka Kernut the Blond said...

*waves back* Glad you're back. Thanks for stopping by my humble page. Being in love is good (or so I remember). Hope the rest catches up to the being in love part :)

A Vapid Blonde said...

Awe, ((((big hugs))) right back to you !

BugginWord said...

Well everybody is *waving* so I'm going to *waggle my eyebrows* just for variety. Keep breathing, pookie.