Wednesday, November 24, 2010

kinda pathetic...

i'm still here... kinda... *sigh*

i finally took a full day off of work last weekend and had a few minutes to prowl around and comment on a few blogs. woohoo! it was the highlight of my weekend...

wow! when i actually see those words, i realize how pathetic my life has become as of late. *sad face*

i'm trying my d*edest to keep it together. with all this anxiety, i'm actually surprised that i haven't have a major freak out yet.

on the upside i get to eat stuff like this, so yay for that!

this is the elk... it's beautiful, yes?

i know that i'm still off in la la land, but at least for now i'm eating well.

in other news: tomorrow is thanksgiving. i will be avoiding the phone. i hate to, but i don't like crying on holidays. and since i'm THIS homesick this year, it's just best that i not talk to any of my family until it's all over with.

hugs to you! i'm thankful for you all <3

happy thanksgiving!!

1 comment:

Melissa said...

It's been far too long since we spoke. We should catch up over the long weekend, yes? Shoot me a message...

Take some more deep breaths too. Love you and I hope you and the kidlets have a great holiday tomorrow. You'll be okay. You will. ♥