Wednesday, September 19, 2012


so yeah... the laundry, it seems like it never ends. i try to stay caught up, but you know how it goes.

but hey, it's wednesday.

what do i do on wednesday nights you ask?
well, since we've been here, in the great state of california, my mom has taken the kidlet or kidlets with her to have dinner with my grandpa. that's their wednesday night thing.

so me, i have a free night in the middle of the week to do whatever i want; watch movies, catch up with friends, date, run away with the circus, play frogger with oncoming traffic etc.
last wednesday it was cheesy egg scramble for dinner, the vampire diaries on netflix and raspberry sherbet out of the carton for dessert. shhhh... don't tell anyone!

welp, i figured i'd share a little of my zen with you this week the woman i love by jason mraz  mmm... it's good stuff! makes my heart a little bit happier, i hope it does yours too!

big exes and ohs for you all!

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