Monday, October 19, 2009

as the fog is lifting

hehe... oops. it's been more than a week since my last post. i'm so bad, i know.

i feel like i have much to talk about, but the fog has not yet lifted this morning. me and mondays... yeah, we don't get along so well. these are the days that i just want to crawl back under my rock until at least noon. CAFFEINE!!... blessed caffeine, thy name is love...

grrr... still sleepy. *yawn*

this last week or so has gone by in kind of a flash. last weekend was WILD fun. friday... oh friday, was def an interesting start to my weekend. i was def ready for a night out. of all places, we started the night out at a strip club. wow! that's all i'm gonna say about that place... it was fun though.
we ended that night at a sports bar watching fr's band play. that may not have been the best choice, but it was super fun. i was testing the waters with a guy friend of mine, and he was so not excited about the way that fr looked at me. i didn't notice anything wrong, but whatever. dudes are funny that way. i so don't have the patience for jealousy. what's funny about that situation, is that this friend told me a few days later that he was going to try and get back with his ex. ha, story of my life these days...
saturday was supposed to be a girl's night with lb, but it didn't end up that way. 'my crew' called me wanting me to come with them. since i hadn't been out with them since all that drama on valentine's day, i just had to go. we went to a club that i hadn't been to since i was 19. holy wow! it was a blast! i danced and danced and danced... hehe, then i rode the mechanical bull. seriously, i did, i even have pics to prove it.

monday rolled around and i was done. i was so sick and achy. it was horrible. i don't even remember the last time i had cold chills. thank goodness it wasn't the actual flu, that would have sucked! ah, see it comes out, that's why i didn't blog last week. i was cocooned in my house trying to sleep off that stupid virus. i didn't even go into work until thursday. man, i must have been pathetic.

so here it was the weekend again.

friday was great! the boy went to his dad's for the weekend, so it was just me and the girl. we had some mommy time. it was a pretty tame night. out to dinner and then grocery shopping for our picnic the next day.

interesting turn of events- fr was texting. yep, i'm as shocked as you are... he was sweet. i'm such a sucker. so, i guess we get to hang out again. yay me!

i had so much fun with the girl on saturday. i took her to the corn maze and had a picnic. we went on a hayride and she got to pick out a pumpkin. it was so freezing so we didn't stay more than a few hours. i hate the cold.
that night i went out. we celebrated my friends birthday and i def got my birthday week off to a great start! we watched fr's band and i drank more than i should have. all in all, it was an amazing night.

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