Thursday, October 8, 2009

i think too much

gah! i feel like such a baby. i get to thinking about the way that things are vs. the way that things were say 6 months ago. this just sucks. i need to find something to keep me busy.
this single no drama thing is working out pretty well as far as the stress factor goes. i def have a lot more time on my hands. i think i'm just lonely. i have great friends that i love to pieces, but i don't have that one person that i can talk to all the time about everything.
i know i said i'm closing up shop, but it's hard to stick to decisions like that. i'm sure i will for a while though. it is gonna take a lot for some one to get through all the road blocks.


Melissa said...

Don't feel like a baby. It's easy to get stuck thinking about the past and comparing... I know all about thinking too much. ;)

I do hope you stick to your guns for just a bit longer. I can't help but wish, just for a little while, that you can discover how not to be lonely even when you aren't in a relationship. I deeply feel this is a big thing that will help you so much now and in the future, even when you are in a relationship.

Hope my advice is still welcome - you know I only say what I do because I'm totally fond of you and want the best for you!

P.S. Sorry about fr... that was definitely a surprise considering how calmly and peacefully things were going with him. *Sigh*

Cali said...

m - you're advice is always welcome. i think my biggest problem is being so far away from my family. i didn't care about relationship stuff when i lived back home. so, i just get twinges of lonely every once in a while.

Melissa said...

Ah that makes sense. That would definitely compound the feelings. Just hang in there lady. Don't overthink (easier said than done, for sure!!) and the right things will come your way. I know it.