Monday, November 30, 2009

so random

i feel so random today. everything just seems kind of scattered. it's all rainy and ick outside today. i think that kinda messes with me sometimes. not in a depressing way, but it makes me feel caged or restless. i know i'm not the only one. the weather seems to have a funny effect on everyone.

i didn't realize all of this random stuff was going on, all at once, in my head right now. but here it is:

random fact 1: i am exhausted. yet i have less than the normal amount of caffeine in my system and am WIDE awake. and i'm in a pretty decent mood too. weird, right.

random fact 2: after reading saint tigerlily's post about pie crust, i want to make a pie. like a really good apple pie or maybe a peach cobbler. of course i so don't need to do this, because i'm trying to lose a few pounds and will end up eating the majority of said pie by myself.

random fact 3: i met someone new. of all things, he saw me on my friends facebook profile and asked about me. so she set it up.
i've been a lil apprehensive about posting anything about him here, not sure why. i've been out with him 6 times, so you would think i would get it together and say something, right. more about him later.

random fact 4: i have another doctors appointment coming up on the 7th. the closer it gets, the more nervous i get. it's the big one, where they check under the hood to make sure the cancer hasn't come back. they'll also be doing some other tests to make sure everything else has settled down. stupid body!

random fact 5: i'm dreading christmas. i didn't handle thanksgiving so well this year. it's not that i don't like it or anything like that. i love the holiday's. it's that i'm homesick and i miss my family. i was really bad and didn't call either set on thanksgiving, but in my defense nobody called me either. i guess i just didn't feel like crying on thanksgiving. is that so bad? can you tell i have guilt over it?

random fact 6: i haven't heard from fr in just over 2 weeks. i'm not sure what to think about that. it bothers me kinda. the last time i talked to him, he was drinking liquor. he's not really supposed to be doing that anymore. i worry about him.

random fact 7: i'm officially a brunette. think red brown like fergie, not brown black like dita von teese. i've had honey colored highlights for the last year or so. i'm just not sure what i think of it yet.

these are just a few things i've been thinking about.


Melissa said...

I always want to do posts of randomness like this. My life feels like this most days haha...

Want to hear about the new guy some more. Also thinking good thoughts for you for your appointment.

As for fr. Hm. Maybe it's better you're not hearing from him now. He was starting to bring drama into your life where there had finally been none for a while. I think he needs to figure things out for himself... but I do know that you care and you worry and I understand why. :(

Cali said...

i'm actually thinking about doing a 'so random' type post every week or two. it was an easy tool for me to get stuff out without going into too much detail.