Sunday, November 1, 2009

things pop up

so my subconscious.... yeah, she's a b*tch. apparently, when i drink too much things pop up that i just don't expect.

friday was bad! it was just bad! i had the mother of all stupid girl moments. not only was it a stupid girl moment, but it was a drunken stupid girl moment... in public. *sigh* this is just something that CANNOT happen again.
i was so stupid and went to fr's show on friday. i didn't want to go, but i still talked myself into it. it was just supposed to be closure. that's what i needed. instead it was me drinking too much and acting badly. what's worse is that i didn't even know i was feeling that way. wtf

i'm not sure if he's mad at me or anything at this point. we're supposed to talk in a few days. gah! i feel horrible.

more later


Craig said...

wtf did you do? did you flash him? lol

Cali said...

nopers, it was waaaay worse than that. i cause a scene that i so regret... with that much alcohol, i should have hit the floor, but i didn't :( instead i acted totally retarded!