Friday, May 28, 2010

so random: fawk you friday!! 3rd ed.

alright!! it fawk you friday again!!

let's get this crackin'!!

this week has been kinda rough on me as evidenced by some of my previous posts... as a result i have a tendency to analyze myself and the things and people around me. i have examined some friendships and have found them wanting.

therefore, it is time to CLEAR THE DECK!!

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so, today i say...

fawk you anxiety!!
fawk you cancer!!
fawk you parasites who try to take advantage of my generosity!!
fawk you exhaustion that comes from not getting enough sleep!!
fawk you dudes that take advantage of my chicas!!
fawk you negativity that creeps in when i'm not paying enough attention!!
fawk you condescending jerks that think you can talk down to me!!

ahhh... i'm glad i got that out... now it's your turn!!

thanks to our gracious host at boobies, babies, and a blog.

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iamcelgacusan said...

Hi im ur new follower via FYFriday ^_^

Hope u cn swing back on my blog