Friday, May 14, 2010

so random: fawk you friday!!

oh wow!!

this is a whole new concept for me... eep!

i'm not usually one to be all pissy on fridays. on the contrary, i love fridays! i love the idea that i don't have to go to work or even take off my pajamas if i don't want to.

hehe... but you all know that i'm always trying to do something fun!

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so, today i say...

fawk you cancer!!
fawk you jerks that can't get off your high horse to help babies!
fawk you insomnia!!
fawk you anxiety!!
fawk you negativity!!
fawk you coward that is the girl's father!!

p.s. here is a better explanation for how this came about than i could give you.


Anonymous said...

Hey there! Newest follower here..thx for linking up...we always have something to complain about...we just can't help it!!

LOVE your list...I totally relate on all levels!

Anonymous said...

I'm just flabbergasted by the ugliness that is out there now.

It's too bad that some have chosen to bash us after hearing a one-sided story.

{Not the jerk you think I am}

cwitgo said...

Thanks for coming with us! I'm following you now.

Cali said...

i mean no disrespect. i've never linked up with another blogger in this fashion before. however, i do believe in helping others the best that i can.

MommyLovesStilettos said...