Friday, July 9, 2010

the rock

hello my lovelies!

so sorry for getting all emo on you there. when bad s* happens i have a tendency to sink into the 'lost little girl' part of my psyche. so i lost it for a minute.
thanks for sticking with me. if i could hug you all, then i would squeeze you tight and give you a big wet kiss on the cheek.
i [heart] you bunches!

it took me a second to realize what i was doing. this is not about me. it's about some one i love. so now i'm putting on my big girl panties and dealing with it the best i can. i'm not going to tell you that i'm ok, because that would be lying, but i will be. promise.

now is the time for me to be the rock. i am strong and i love unconditionally. period.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Cali,
Be a rock, get the strength you need to be a strong and beautiful.
Things always get fixed

A Vapid Blonde said...

Wouldn't life be so amazing if we all loved and gave unconditionally?

What a thought!

Be strong doll!