Wednesday, July 28, 2010


secrets, secrets, secrets... blah!

at what point does someone else's secret become yours? at what point do you say "look, i can't do this all by myself"? the worry, the frustration, the pressure to act like everything is fine...

this sh*t is hard!

everything is not fine! i am NOT ok! i am worried sick and stressed to the max. the person that i am wants to make it better or at least easier.


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Gadgerson said...

It's really not cool when friends put you in that position. I must have one of those faces or something, cuz I get everyone's deepest darkest piled on me...sometimes it's cool knowing stuff, but sometimes the secrets get too stressful. When I was in high school I nearly had a break down due to the stress of all my friends problems and secrets, but I saw a shrink and felt better. Maybe that's an idea for you...then you can spill the secret in the safety of the doctor/patient confidentiality agreement.