Tuesday, June 29, 2010


listen to this!

butterfly by jason mraz

ok, now tell me that if someone sang that to you and only you when no one else is around, you wouldn't just melt right there in your seat! i tell you what... i almost did.

so much for putting distance between my heart and my head...
i tried! i really did!

this weekend was no less than AMAZING!

i love being spontaneous! and the 2 1/2 hour drive to an out of town gig, in georgia, was well worth it! ha! the things we do for love...

it's funny how the smallest things can tip the scales of our resolve. i thought that stepping back was the right thing to do, but now i feel like i'm being pulled in even more. i wanted to protect my heart, but it's just too late for that now. whatever happens i'll deal with, but with more faith in love.
i'm not going to say that i'm not absolutely terrified. but who's not afraid of losing their heart? who's not afraid of losing a part of themselves? i still need to work on the communication part of things, but i think i'm getting better at it. i think.

the hardest thing now, is the waiting. the proverbial 'detox' really sucks a* right now!! because the closer i seem to get to what i want, the more i want it... it's the uncertainty and 'in between' that is so hard to deal with sometimes.

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Anonymous said...

Cali, l love that song! and l really like how you write. l am not sll sure what is your story, but l can see little by little that you are pulling up, and trusting, and believing, and that is soooo great to see.