Wednesday, June 9, 2010

upside-down and backwards

dude! seriously!! i think i'm losing it... or maybe i just have medicine head kinda, a little bit, maybe... stupid sinus meds!


things are weird right now.

like... there's... there's... ugh! (deep breath)

there's STUFF going on. i know, i know, i'm so freaking descriptive! i'd be all about letting the awesomeness shine through, if i knew where to start. *sigh*
my head is so upside-down and backwards that i can't even seem to figure out a status thingy to post on facebook. yeah... i'm cool...

i'm happy, i'm confused, i'm frustrated, i'm worried and all kinds of other stuff allatthesametime.
geeze! i wish i could read people's minds sometimes... or maybe if i could just learn to communicate a little bit better.

ok, so... we've established the fact that i'm having a hard time focusing today. i'm def a little 'goldfish-y'. i have so much in my head. this is one of those days that i wish i could dump it all out like a game of 52 pick up and sort through all the cards. which ones go on top? which ones do i discard?

ooh, ooh... i figured it out! my status shall be:
when the ones we love are in trouble, we step up and do what needs to be done to help them, no matter how it affects us... <3

well, there's one thing i figured out for the day... yay me!! on to the next 5 million things that need to be worked on. wish me luck!!

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