Friday, June 25, 2010

i AM somebody

omg! omg! omg!! this is so f*ing cool!! guess what?! i got an award!!

yes! me! an award!


is that not the coolest sh*t EVER?! well, it is to me anyway...

i know, i know... shut up, right?! it's just the first time i've ever gotten one, so yay me!!

it's so cool that it even comes with rules and sh*t...

los rules are: (using wicked shawn's rules, 'cause i'm one of the cool kids...)

  • thank the person who gave you the award
  • list 7 things about yourself your readers do not know

  • award 5 bloggers you've recently discovered

so, to start... a toast to wicked shawn for this awesome honor:
quoting my fav local cover band *ahem*
"raise your bottles, raise your glasses, raise your girlfriends shirt and say 'i AM somebody', now you know you are!"

...finish what you got and ask the bartender for another!

7 things you never knew

1. i have piercings and tattoos. they're not like crazy wow kind of stuff, but i like them. my tongue and bellybutton are pierced. and i have an angel and a ladybug on my back. one of these days if i get brave enough, i might post pics of them for you.

2. i go to church almost every sunday. it helps me stay... umm... sane. i know it sounds like a bit of a contradiction, considering the amount of late night alcohol consumption i partake in. but life is easier when you find out that there are so many people around you going through the same kinds of stuff you are and that you're not alone in your fight. also, i've been a helper this week in the 3yr olds' class for VBS(vacation bible school)

3. i talk in my sleep. i don't know why, but the kidlets do it too. it freaks overnight guests out. i know! fun, right?!

4. unless you've been following me from the beginning, which means you read the first incarnation of this blog, then you probably don't know that the girl's dad a.k.a. bh (bipolar [ex]husband) actually tried to kill me. it wasn't pretty. so, when i say i'm happily divorced, it's because i'm alive and away from him.

5. i sing... a lot, esp to the kidlets. they love it when i sing to them in the car or when we sing along to whatever is playing on the radio. ha! the girl actually sings along with papa roach... 'cause that's how we roll!

6. i get excited about mundane things, like new sheets and fridays and 'i love you' text messages. i'm such a sucker for that kind of stuff!

7. i decided not to go to ireland next week. i know that sounds crazy, because the plane ticket has already been purchased. but there are so many things going on behind the scenes. i still want to go, but now is not the right time.

on to the 5 bloggers

melissa, because she is amazing and has become a close friend. she was one of my very first followers and i love her for it! <3

krysta, she is seriously hilarious. and she does it all while raising her 4 sous chefs (that's right, i said 4!)

saint tigerlily, her adventures in nyc with the boss and teeny make me smile and sometimes belly laugh. also, hungry :)

ryan, i am inspired by a lot his posts. they speak to my soul.

andrea, her strength and wisdom through adversity is just incredible to me.

alright! now, go out and share the love!! love you all and hope you have a rockin' weekend!!! ♥


Wicked Shawn said...

You were somebody all along, doll! I love the the girl sings Papa Roach with you! We do that too. We sing along with everything. Ummm, not very well, mind you, but we don't care, it's fun and that is what counts.

Melissa said...

THANK YOU! Sorry for being a douche and taking so long to come say thanks D. ♥ You know I adore you.

I love your little things about yourself. I don't talk in my sleep but apparently I sleep with my eyes half open most of the time. Cuh-razy.

And I think people who don't belt out tunes in their car - especially with their little ones - is missing out on JOY. :D

Cali said...

@wicked shawn- i thought you would like that toast :)

@melissa- yes! it is joy!

love you ladies!!

Anonymous said...

loved the list :))