Tuesday, June 15, 2010

the chain

image courtesy of a good friend and talented artist. you can find him here.

the sky looks pissed
the wind talks back
my bones are shifting in my skin
and you, my love are gone

my room seems wrong
the bed won't fit
i cannot seem to operate
and you, my love are gone

i'll never say
i'll never love
but i don't say a lot of things
and you, my love are gone

so glide away on soapy heels
and promise not to promise anymore
and if you come around again
then i will take the chain from off the door


so here i am. just me, here. i have a jumble of things in my head...

i am trying to disconnect, to get back to me for a while. i'm consciously disconnecting from people and things to try and protect myself. because in the end, i'm the only one that knows what i need.
i'm putting distance between my heart and my head. the right thing to do for now is step back from people and situations that i'm too involved in.

a person that i care about has some things going on, that i can't help with. i don't want to be in the way. so for now, i will step away and give them the space that they need in order to get the situation settled. i will continue along my path and hope that they catch up when they're ready, like they have in the past.


Melissa said...

I understand withdrawing. I feel like doing that at least once a week.

And they will catch up as they are meant to. They always do. But the waiting... oh how awful that part is. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

Sometimes a step back means that the next step forward may be double.
Sometimes, like Melissa wisely says, withdrawing is a good thing.
Com back with more power.