Tuesday, September 29, 2009

boy, i make good banana bread!

"it has come to my attention that girls are good for two things. babies and banana bread. my kingdom for a baby banana bread."
~friend's facebook status on his birthday... so funny! or at least i thought it was. some people got a little offended.

anywho, this last weekend was busy, busy, busy. the boy stayed at his granny's house and the girls stayed with me.
friday there was so much to do that i was running around like a crazy person. first i had dinner, that i cooked, at lb's with all her girls. i made mediterranean chicken pasta, it turned out really well. we had so much fun and i didn't want to leave, but had other places that i had to go...

after leaving lb's i went to this sports bar called level10. i'd never been there before. it was great! i was there to see a band. one of my friends is the drummer and he had to leave yesterday for training before he gets deployed to iraq. (side note: please keep him and his family in your prayers) the guys were great! and the crowd was amazing. i didn't want to leave there either, but again was expected somewhere else.

on to the interesting part of the night...

fr's band was playing an unexpected show. and come to find out it was fr's birthday, so of course i had to go..lol. it was so much fun! they played one of my fav songs right after i got there, but really? who doesn't like darling nikki, by prince?
the crowd was meh, not so awesome, but it was a newer venue, so i'm sure if they play there again there will be a lot more people. ha, of course you know me... i'm the girl that will dance in the middle of a crowd just because i like the music, whether i've been drinking or not. so i enjoyed myself!
they didn't play as late as they usually do, but it didn't seem to be a big deal to anyone. i was there with rt and one of her friends. we sat and drank beer and talked to the band and some of their fans until they were finished tearing down their stuff.
it was fun talking to fr. we sat and talked for a while, just bsing and laughing at different things and people. finally we were both ready to go...
fr came over after that. that was nice. i think he's doing better, or maybe just dealing with things better. he's such a sweetheart. i like when i can just sit and talk to him and no one else is listening. i think we're both starting to have a pretty good understanding of each other. and i think he kinda gets it as far as me not looking for anything from anyone right now. i think that works for him.

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